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PJ Masks Toys ⭐️ Who are PJ Masks Owlette, Gekko, Catboy, Romeo and Night Ninja

We are the PJ Masks! PJ Masks Toys ⭐️ Who are PJ Masks Owlette, Gekko, Catboy, Romeo and Night Ninja ❤ Subscribe channel for more videos https://goo.gl/mjWhhF

Catboy is the leader of the trio and the oldest too. Incredibly fast, amazingly agile, he can hear the quietest sounds across unbelievable distances! But he’s also afraid of water! Still, when adventure beckons, “The amazing Catboy leaps to the rescue!” With these skills Catboy can outrun anyone and gives Night Ninja a challenge with his amazing leaps and acrobatic moves! His vehicle the Cat-car gets the heroes from A to B in lightning speed and even shoots moth balls should there be anything in the way!

Owlette, with her sharp mind and super planning skills she’s quick to act. – She can fly, has super eyesight and when she flaps her powerful wings, the bad guys are sent airborne! Keep your “Owl Eyes!” on Owlette! Her Owl Glider can take them all beyond the city streets and with its claws even carry things along with it!

Gekko, the youngest member of the team but he’s a strong and sticky master of camouflage! He’s ready to rush into danger and save the day with his super Gekko muscles. Always ready for action Gekko can scale walls and with his Gekko-mobile so can all the PJ Masks! It can even travel underwater… Watch out baddies, here comes the mighty Gekko!

Romeo: a marvel of mechanical mischief, Romeo is so wrapped up in his own genius as he attempts to launch his latest invention to capture the PJ Masks and take over the world! WIth his mobile laboratory and many a gadget, PJ Masks have their work cut out but with teamwork and cooperation, Romeo’s genius is no match for the PJ Masks

A Splat-Sticking, back-flipping Ninja who wants to show everyone that he’s the best at everything! Even his team of Ninjalino’s must make sure they step in line and let him lead the way on a mission to take the greatest assets of the city – like the PJ Masks HQ!

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